Prior to this position, Jiro Yoshino worked as a marketing director for the advertising company, Dentsu, to provide high value-added marketing and technical advisory services to the Japan’s largest consumer-product maker. He led a marketing team, a creative team and a promotion team to boost this client’s sales. As an example of his work, he has organized four integrated marketing campaigns using popular media, such as movies and TV programs.

From March to December of 2000, he participated in a project for the Office of the National Commission on Educational Reform, Cabinet Councilors’ Office on Internal Affairs, the Cabinet Secretariat of the Japanese Government. Although this project, which was designed to support the Prime Minister, was a demanding endeavor, it demonstrated the importance of education to me. He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics from the Graduate Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University and a Master’s in Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School.He is also one of the fellows of US-Japan Leadership Program organized by the US-Japan foundation. He was born in Western Japan (Hyogo Prefecture). When not working, he enjoys traveling abroad.